Chris receives his M.B.E. from Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II

For services to Broadcasting and Charities in Wales.

On June 22nd 2005, Chris was Invested
as a Member of The Most Excellent Order
of the British Empire at Buckingham Palace, London,
by Her Royal Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

Here are just some photographs of what, despite
an arduous, testing and nerve-wracking build up for Chris,
turned out to be perhaps the most memorable days of his life.


Julie, Chris and Gabe outside 'Buck House'
He says "It was fabulous inside - like a palace!"

Investitures are always press magnets, but Chris
had several crews featuring him that day.

Chris, centre stage, in the hat. Teddi can be seen to his right

It's all over -

Chris finally has his award in hand.